Upgrade question

  • Can I upgrade to the latest release from 0.32 or do I need to complete all the other updates?

  • Hi,

    i was maybe a little unprecise ;)
    Yes you can Update but expect some little problems that can be fixed.
    And you need to know that your old images will work but you have to use the information i gave you above.

    Regards X23

  • Ah yes. (sheepish look)
    on reading again I see.

    I skipped it because it had comments from others but he is the only other post.

  • Developer

    lol, no, the information he provided is relevant
    you can update to the latest version from 0.32, though you may inherit issues because of it
    i recommend exporting your host list and rebuilding from scratch, if you can, but a direct upgrade is supported
    be aware of potential problems with mysql when upgrading. if you can’t update the database schema, it usually means your password isn’t set right in <server web root directory>/fog/lib/fog/config.php

  • sorry? thats in the wrong post i guess…

  • Hi,
    [quote=“jmeyer, post: 32102, member: 6537”]You need to enable FOG_FORMAT_FLAG_IN_GUI in General Settings and set image to partimage instead of partclone.[/quote]
    You should know they changed imaging engine (partclone - partimage)
    Update from 0.32 to latest should work.

    Taken from release notes from 1.0.0:[URL=‘http://fogproject.org/?q=node/21’] http://fogproject.org/?q=node/21[/URL]
    [QUOTE]PartImage has been deprecated. The default imaging engine is now partclone (all partimage images are supported [/QUOTE]

    I recommend you to re-upload all the images!

    Regards X23

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