Resizing partition for different machine types

  • Hi all,

    We are using Fog 0.32 to image a disparate fleet of Win7 machines. We have been using it for a few years with much success, but I have hit a little snag with a newer project I have been working on.

    I have created a “Hardware Agnostic” image for use on our desktops. In order to make it work with the oldest equipment, I built a 35GB image on a machine with an 80GB HD. Many of the newer machines have 500GB drives, so I loaded one with the 80GB image[SIZE=2] then expanded it using the Minitool Parition Wizard. According to Windows the drive is now 500GB and has only 35GB used, but when I upload the image, I get an image size of around 200GB. It’s [/SIZE]usable[SIZE=2] and the drive is shown as the correct size (500GB), but the imaging time is obviously quite lengthy. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I didn’t see anything related while browsing the forum, so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this and if a resolution was achieved. [/SIZE]


  • Might want to check partions with gparted (boot disc) and check to see if you have any extra partions left from resizing. I would also do a checkdisk if not already done.

  • Senior Developer

    If the image is Hardware Agnostic, the resizing should occur automatically. You shouldn’t have to resize the partitions after the image is downloaded to the client.

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