• My first attempt to upload an image from a host computer WakeOnLan started the host, the process ran until it looked at the host and found no disk. I then changed the image type from Single Partition NTFS to Multiple Partition Single Drive and now when I attempt to start the task, the host fails to WakeOnLan. Any suggestions why WakeOnLan suddenly stopped and which image type might be best for me to use, or why it did not recognize the drive in my host?

  • i don’t know what happened , but it worked, thanks

  • FWIW, we’ve noticed on some computers that if you hard power 'em off (press and hold the power button) they won’t wake on LAN but, they will with a soft shutdown from the OS. I haven’t had a chance to see if there’s a BIOS setting to make this go away.

  • I have the same problem, except I’m not able to wake up any machine at all. Fog says the WOL packet sent to the host but host is still dead and doesn’t want to wake up.
    Did you get the resolution for this?

  • This issue is closed.