FOGFTP: Login failed. Host: ServerIP, Username: fog, Password: XXXXXXX, Error: ftp_login(): Login in

  • As per previous posts It means to change your FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD in the fog settings page, which matches the password on the screen. Also I have changed the password under the Storage management, Management password.

    Both these passwords are the same and the are the password as per password in the error message

  • New job, new OS, new imaging server = big headache. This rookie went around and around with this error today. Tried resetting the passwords repeatedly. Sounds like I need to delete the FOG user I set up on the Ubuntu box and start learning about this 777 stuff … in a hurry.

  • Developer

    You should [B]NEVER[/B] add a user named FOG, the installer script will do so for you.

    If you add a user called fog on Ubuntu then you needs to set the same password into your fog server. Or change this user password to the same password as it is set in the fog server

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