Snap ins all deploy even when doind a basic task

  • I don’t understand whey it always pushs all assigned snap ins to a station its a waist of bandwidth and time!

    When I try to do a memory test it assigns that task and it also assigns the snap ins to deploy again!

    Is this a bug or a limitation of fog I am running version 1.1.2. This is the reason I was looking for a new solution but found out fog came out with a update I really like fog but cant stand it always deploying all assigned snap ins I have some that take a while to install and only want them to deploy when I tell fog to not at every task!

    I hope this is just a bug or has a solution!

    Thanks for any input or help!

  • Ok I was able to delete them when I use Google Chrome but not IE! I still have the issue that some status are Queued and some say N/A!

  • Developer

    tom has just now modified this in the dev branch

  • Glad its not going to stay that way! Do I just wait for the next release than? Also I cant kill active snapin tasks and why are some queued and some are N/A?

  • Developer

    oh wow, bug confirmed. don’t know how we missed that one.

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