Intermittent Sanboot Hanging

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    Not sure if this going to be a Fog or Linux issue but I have just a couple of PC’s out of 700 or so that hang with the message, Sanboot device 8x80. If i switch the PXE setting in Fog to Exit, these two PC’s work but I manage to kill a couple of labs (about 70 PCs) which then hang at boot time. Its an odd one. Apart from this fog works perfectly in every other way. We have multiple PC makes on site including varying models within each in this case these are both Fujitsu Esprimo E3521 machines. That said, I have around 60 other identical Fujitsu’s who don’t suffer this problem. Any ideas on how I can work around it?

    I am running Fog 1.1.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 running on a HP Proliant ML370 G4 Server. (Old server repurposed for Fog hence the older version of Ubuntu, however, Fog runs great on it 🙂



  • Not yet, thanks for the reply, I will have a go with that when I get back to the office tomorrow and see if it cures it.

  • Developer

    have you tried the exit type GRUB?
    i expect it to have the most compatibility across hardware of the 3

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