FOG 1.1.2 post upload an image errors

  • Hi everyone,

    since upgrading then adding an SVN, I have noticed a couple of error lines which scroll the Partclone page just as it finishes uploading imaging. It then seems to hang there a while before restoring the MBR and resizing the NTFS.

    Error lines are:

    /bin/fog.upload Line 202 [: Missing ‘]’
    /bin/fog.upload Line 202 Program not found

    Some of the syntax might be incorrect but that is the majority of the messages. It doesn’t seem to stop the upload completing. The uploaded image finds its way to the correct folder. The image can be successfully deployed.

    Should I be worried about this? Is it not doing something like housekeeping tasks correctly? Was this a programming typo in the SVN?

    I haven’t noticed it doing this following deploy an image.

  • Developer

    thanks for the bug report. that was caused by a typo has been fixed in the current svn, but it won’t effect you anyway. it is only there for a planned future feature.

  • Hi Junkhacker,

    basic install 1.1.2 patched with SVN to 2052

  • Developer

    what revision are you at? this info is the number in the fog “cloud” graphic in the webgui

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