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  • Hello Guys
    am very new to Fog and so far have been using Dell Kace 2000 series appliances, one of colleague used fog in past and thought lets try this, i managed to get it working fine on ubuntu 14.4 and deployed Windows 7 to about 15 PCs.
    and realized its quite faster as compare to Dell Kace Servers.

    now i want to take it to my production environment and replace kace with fog. i have seen some issues like each time we login to web portal it says upgrade database schema and so on and that actually ends up in error. but restart server or just mysql service fixed the issue. but its random you never know when it will come up again.

    I was looking for a nice document about installing fog , also what is best supported/recommended OS for fog.
    ubuntu or Centos or Debian etc. just need to know which one is best supported . and if there is any good documentation regarding install on recommended OS.
    as i followed install instructions from wiki these are not really helpful or say complete.

    many thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Developer

    among the list of distro’s to install fog on, debian probably receives the most praise, and Ubuntu 14.04 the most scorn.
    personally, i run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, however.

  • Hi,

    [quote=“HarjeetSingh, post: 33223, member: 25098”]I am going to try with ubuntu_12.04[/quote]

    13.10 is also ok.

    Regards X23

  • Thanks X23

    I am going to try with ubuntu_12.04

  • Hi,

    take a look at this, i would recommend you to use ubuntu but take 13.10


    Documentation aka User Guide:

    I don’t know more detailed documentations.

    Regards X23

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