SnapIns not recognized by client

  • I am running fog on Ubuntu 10.04. I tried updating from 1.0.1 to 1.1.2 but had database schema issues, so I backed it down to 1.1.1 and it seems to be imaging just fine. However, when I deploy a snapin to a client, the client won’t see it. I have made sure the wired NIC is the primary MAC and that it is the only NIC running on the client. When I run [url]http://fogserveripaddress/fog/service/snapins.checkin.php?mac=xxxxx[/url] I get #!ns. There is only one task running on the server, and that is the one I am testing.
    Just this summer I migrated from .32 where I had no issues with snapins. Now after the update, I seem to have issues.

  • OK. Never mind. I have been working on this issue for a day or two with no luck. I browsed this forum for potential fixes, and found one that was close. It mentioned running [URL=‘’] [I]truncate[/I] table snapinJobs; [I]truncate[/I] table snapinTasks;[/URL] and then recreate the task, which I did. I waited a while, restarted the servce, etc, and it did not appear to work, so I posted this message. As I am waiting for responses I go back to the Fog server console and the task is gone, and I see that it was run on the client.
    Problem solved. I must not have waited long enough.