Image Troubles!

  • Did a clean install up to 1.1.2 and ever since I haven’t be able to deploy an image. I can create and upload just fine. however when I download it after it finishes imaging and windows starts to boot up it just hangs on the windows logo. before it goes through the start up is installing devices and services stuff.
    Using the same exact process as when i did my images on .32 I even used the same VM to upload it.
    I’m not sure if this is a problem with windows or Fog. but I’m leaning toward fog because I built a whole new VM thinking that I broke the old one and it happened with the new one as well.

  • Senior Developer

    Sounds like a “firmware” issue in the NIC that the “latest” driver fixed.

  • Yeah it looks like the problem was the NIC driver, just weird coincidence where it worked with partimage but not partclone

  • Developer

    if the computer hangs on boot up without the fog service installed, then fog has nothing to do with it. it sounds like a network driver problem.

  • No go on the Fog service :(, even if I completely uninstall the service it still hangs.

  • Developer

    you will want to run as administrator. i suspect that the fog service is trying to do something on startup that it doesn’t have the privileges to do

  • No go on the Delayed start of the fog service. still hangs

  • I believe so. Honestly I think i just double clicked and took the defaults, typed in the server IP and finished. I didn’t right click it and run as administrator or anything

  • Developer

    try setting the fog service to delayed start
    this shouldn’t be happening though. when you installed the fog service, did you run it as administrator and install for all users?

  • Well I narrowed it down to having the network cable plugged in, if I let the computer boot without network cable it boots fine. But thats a major pain because then i have to plug it back in and restart the fog service then it restarts and I have to unplug it again for the domain join part…

  • I wonder if its more of a problem with VMware then it is windows or fog?

  • When I did the clean install I took the defaults. I just verified that they both do have the 100mb partition. and when it uploads I do see that go and is compressed to 26.something mb in the server.

  • Developer

    do your images have the 100mb recovery partition that is included in the default install, or have you customized your install to exclude it?

  • Windows 7 Images, Image settings set to win7, single disk NTFS (resizeable), I Let it sit over night and it just sits at the pulsing logo screen.

  • Developer

    what type of images are you trying to download? does it ever go past the logo to anything else? bluescreen?

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