Warning for Tasks on FOG Client Side

  • Hi,

    i would like to see a feature in FOG Client that gives the ability to give the user a warning before actions accour.
    For example i accidently did a instant deploy then a scheduled one.

    The host will reboot without a warning after the client realised he should create an image, i this case the danger of loosing usaved data is high. Anyway i recommend to use the Windows shutdown options:

    shutdown (-r) -t [seconds to perform action] don’t use -f (force)

    Let me know what you think!

    Regards X23

  • Lets say we use shutdown -r -t 60 then the user has 60 seconds to save his work or he has the chance to use a fog client option to abort the action:




    If aborted by user it will produce a message in the fog webif “Task aborted by user”.


    Maybe we could give the user the possibility to tell us why, little edit box on fog client side where he can type some text in that will send to fog server as a side note for the aborted job.

    It should be possible then to restart the task (exactly as before), force the job (give a s**t on users decission, bastard admin from hell 😉 ) or finally aborting the task like it is.

    Regards X23

  • Developer

    There is a method used when creating apps and software UI for users called “The user is drunk” in which case you build the UI and the application/software to have enough guesses and checks that even an inebriated user will have no issues using. I think we can benefit here 🙂

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