Question about Images Location

  • God Morning All,

    I had recently set up a fog server and was just playing around with it some to get everything figured out. I wanted to delete some of the images that I created as tests and when I did, I noticed that there is a folder in the images folder that is dev and it has similar file types as a normal image that I uploaded. Is it safe to delete this folder as well? I am trying to free up as much space as possible before I begin loading my images on there.


  • Hi,

    deleting them in filesystem will cause them exist in the db anyway, the normal way to delete them would be:


    Regards X23

  • Developer

    do not delete the dev folder. the dev folder is where files are uploaded to. when they finish uploading, they are moved to the folders that bear the name of the image. if there are any files in it, it typically means that an attempted upload failed. these files inside dev are safe to delete.

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