• I am using this wonderful suite for a number of different features, including the printer management as well as the program management through the snap-ins. I am curious about the client and what it interacts with ont eh server itself for deploying snap-ins. Does it interact with the apache service itself or some other process?

    The reason I am asking is that I was hoping to use a splunk forwarder to take the logging information for this process (server-side) and forward to be ingested at the logging layer. Building reports about what software was installed on which desktops etc seemed natural and I know there is some reporting functionality built in. I was hoping to find out if and where these processes are logged on the server in order to use those logs to build reports. Am I looking at the apache logs basically? Is the snap-in deployment logged to a specific file or anywhere server-side?

    I guess further to my question, if the snap-ins deployment/printers deployment works as I suspect it does, is there any chance the logging for these particular functions can be built out to a specific log with a bit more detail?

  • Developer

    the logging for snapins is done in the database in the snapinTasks table. this is where snapin tasks are created and when completed the stState is set to 2, stReturnCode tells you if it reported success or failure.