Image Size and Misc Question

  • Hi all,

    I’m new here and am looking to convert over from Clonezilla. FOG seems to have just about everything I’m looking for.

    here’s my questions though.

    Why are the images so large? Clonezilla images are only about 20gb.

    Is there a way to decrease these sizes? My first image took about an hour to upload and was 157gb in size.
    What am I doing wrong? Im using ‘Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk’

    I know its not our network as we are on a 10gig network and clonezilla will max it just fine.

    is there a script I can install to send a shutdown -r (reboot) command to the PC so we don’t have to manually reboot?

    Can I set this up with multiple NIC’s or is it only able to use 1?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my not knowing. Been reading forums for 2 days straight now 😞

  • Ok, so this image took 15 minutes and compressed down to 19gb so it is working.

    I think it was just that image I was using. On to the next!

    Thank you guys for all the help. I really appreciate it.

  • most of the space is videos I believe. Which shouldn’t be able to compress much…

    Im trying to image a different system atm to see if its different.

    I installed a clean build only the same PC and now uploading to the FOG server for testing.

    This only has 42gb of used space(OS + drivers + IT Security services)

  • Developer

    what kind of data is it? if it is already compressed data, it is unlikely to get much smaller.

  • I just looked and the used space on that drive was 169gb

    So it must be taking an image of all the used data and shaving off the unused portion.

    But this means it would not be compressing it. Is that right?

  • Developer

    how much data is on the disk you are pulling an image from?
    the image should be the OS installed on the computer you are pulling an image from.
    what Image Type are you using?

  • Ok, so I just re-installed from scratch again.

    I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 64bit w/ FOG 1.1.2
    Followed the wiki install
    Cloned my first PC and still no change.

    I used Ubuntu 14.04 in the first run.

    Still have large images. 160gb

    Question: When I create the image in the web interface, does the ‘Operating System’ dropdown make a difference?
    Should I set it to the server OS or the image OS?

  • Developer

    I have no idea why your images are so large. mine average around 13GB
    I upload images in about 10 minutes and download them to clients in about 5 minutes on a regular basis.
    If you’re concerned about image size, the last thing you want to do is disable the pigz compression, though turning it down from 9 to 6 will increase your speed.
    The same compression program is used on all images, there are differences in how compressible files are, however.

  • Thanks for the reply Tom,

    The OS’s based around factory install. is there a way to increase the imaging speed and shrink the image size itself?

    Currently, we can clone a PC around 10 minutes + -. Can this be achieved through FOG?

    I saw an article to disable gzip, which will increase transfer speeds but how does it play into image size?

    Does image compression change when switching from windows to linux imaging?

  • Senior Developer

    It’s all good.

    MPS imaging copies all partition data. I’m going to guess you’re images are based on OEM preinstalled OS?

    It can work with 2 NIC’s though I haven’t a procedure to do this specifically.

    What do you mean manually reboot?

    You can schedule tasks to shutdown the system where you’re specifying the tasking itself.

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