• I have found a weird little bug/flaw in the GUI when you are using a parivate address on your FOG box and Nat’ing or port forwarding from a public address. The issue I am seeing is that when I access the fog box from outside the network via a port forward, the side menu options , like the list after you select a host, do not function. I can not check active directory, settings, basic tasks, etc… if I am local on the private network, there’s no issue at all. If i straight port forward port 80 to 80 it’s fine, but if i use some obscure port in the NAT it only works half-assed - like 15580 to port 80.

    Keeping in mind, this isn’t really affecting anything, as most everything can be done more than one way, but I thought maybe you would like to hear about this…

    I have tested this wit a number of obscure ports versus a straight forwarding … and it can be replicated at my end everytime.

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    sorry i didn’t make it very clear - this is what i meant, i’m using a port say :25280 but doing an internal rewrite (so u don’t have to specify port in web address) but ALL traffic fitting the pattern for fog gets directed to apache/fog box using the port:25280 and have no issues… with ur port-translation it seems the initial traffic i.e. /fog/ is going to apache but further traffic is not… try looking into apache config, also check logs they will give u a clue with what is wrong and whether apache is seeing the request. like tom said it is environment/routing issues not fog gui, fog gui doesn’t care what port it’s ur apache doing the listening 🙂 u could test the theory by getting apache to listen on 25280

  • I am not sure if I am understanding your last point…

    Let’s say i login from outside the local network… which is . The fog host is .252
    My firewall port forwards ->

    so my login url is [url][/url]

    i am able to login and maneouvre around but if i select hosts, then open a specific host, the gui will not actually take action on the host, such as Basic Tasks. Clicking on this yields nothing, no change…

    but if i remove the port-translation, and just use a 1-1 nat, like -> the interface works fine… including individual host operations.

    I am assuming there’s a hard-coded value called at some point, just wanted to point out the symptom, in case someone else ends up with the issue where menus in the GUI don’t work while using ip and port-translation.

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    this is a forwarding issue, your initial “redirect” or however u’ve set it up reaches fog but it sounds like u’ve got the rule on set to …/fog/ or /fog/management so anything like /fog/management/index.php?node= etc will not fit in the “rule” you have set.

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    While I agree this is weird, it sounds like environmental issues rather than something fog is doing directly.

    When I get home, I’ll see if I can replicate.