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  • Hello,

    I had lost TFT/FTP password so i looked in Config.class.php and i find out that it was empty.
    This is not a problem since i can keep it empty in fog web page.
    But i looked for storage password and this one was also empty but i can’t put an empty password in storages.
    I have find after this page : [url][/url]
    where it said to reset server account “fog” password.
    So change it and put it in storage web page but not changed in config file.
    And it’s working so i wonder why there is a line in the config file for this.

    As i don’t understand everything i just put the same password everywhere (in config file, storage webpage and config webpage).

    Could someone tell me the links between all of this and why there is 2 places to enter the storage password ?

  • Senior Developer

    What do you mean by the storage password? The Storage Node username/password AND the FOG_TFTP_FTP_USERBNAME/PASSWORD?

    I’m going to guess this is what you mean.

    You’re probably running a “default” style install of FOG. The FOG_TFTP_FTP_USERNAME and FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD are what’s used to download new kernels to your FOG system. The Storage Management Username and Password are what’s used to upload images to your FOG Server. In a “Default” install, these are typically both the same because the Storage Node and the tftp and kernel/init files reside on the same exact host. This is why there’s “two” identical fields. That said, The Node does NOT need to be the same if you’ve separated the node from the FOG Server itself.

    The Username and Password in these fields are the *NIX fog user account created during install. This username and password can actually be used to log in to the terminal or console of your FOG server albeit with limited use as it’s not an administrator account nor is it given sudo permissions.

    The Config.class.php file holding area for this information is ONLY used during a fresh install. Why they’re blank in your setup I don’t know, but you can get this information from the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file as well. The Username is almost always going to be fog, but the password will be stored in a variable called password within this file.

    Hopefully this helps.

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