Fogprep missing in 1.1.2

  • I just finished installing a test Fog server using version 1.1.2. I am prepping for the upload and went to the link for fogprep and the page is empty. Using Chrome for the web browser. I know in other posts it says the fogprep is no longer needed but does that mean it is not there or am I having a different issue?

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    Is this server pointing at another server to get information.

    The exact link should [url]http://IPOFFOG/fog/client/[/url]

  • Just upgraded from 0.32 to 1.1.2 and the link to get to fog service/prep page is blank even when I click the link at the bottom it takes me to another blank page where the file should be but isn’t. I have tried IE, chrome, and firefox with the same result. Any ideas?

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    This sysprep file also works for “non-sysprepped” images.

    FOGPrep is still available if you absolutely need it though. It’s in the client page link at the footer.

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    most of what fogprep did wasn’t strictly necessary. now, we replace the image’s BCD with a sysprepped one during the restore process, before first boot, so the boot configuration thinks that the computer has just been sysprepped

  • Hi,

    [quote=“Junkhacker, post: 32121, member: 21583”]
    fogprep is no longer needed, however.[/quote]

    what means that?
    Does FOG Auto Prep every image? How? :D

    Regards X23

  • thank you

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    the client page loading issue has now been fixed in the svn trunk. thank you for the report.
    fogprep is no longer needed, however.

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