Problem with ownership when /images folder is moved

  • I have moved the folder /images to /home/images. The export file is updated and everything works OK except one thing: The ownership of uploaded images are wrong. They changes to root:root

    I have done chmod -R 777 /home/images and chown -R fog:fog /home/images but every new folder inside /home/images is then changed to root:root. I have to manually change this every time an upload is done.

    I run CentOS 5.7 and 1.1.2 of FOG.

  • The files is not moved out of the dev folder and into its own folder. This was not a problem before I moved the /images folder into the /home folder. I have to do some more research tomorrow.

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    If the folder’s moved or still on /images, it doesn’t matter.

    The upload tasks move the folder from images/dev to images.

    The permissions shouldn’t matter that much because the entirety of the folder is in:
    [code]chmod -R 777 imagespath[/code]

    So whether they’re owned by fog:root or joe:schmoe, 777 means anybody can access and use those files.

    Are you having problems or is it just a “permissions” noticed issue?

  • just a thought: could there be some hard coded stuff here referring to /images instead of the true path where the images are stored?

  • [quote=“Junkhacker, post: 31935, member: 21583”]why did you move it?[/quote]
    Because my disk is full and my /home directory is located in a large storage group.

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    why did you move it?

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