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    What is the best way to back up my FOG Server, how do you back up yours?

    I have read somewhere about a backup script?

    All I do at the moment is have an up to date Export list of all hosts so i can re-add that if i have to rebuild the FOG server in the event of a disaster.

    I use Virtualbox for my image building (and keep a copy on another HD) so I do not backup my uploaded image from FOG.

  • I made this patch specifically for Ubuntu users to backup all files that FOG needs to run. You still need to install FOG first, but then you can move the files back after you install FOG. I was working on a restore file but have been side tracked with work.


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    Thanks, I will look into and test this.

    So I would rebuild my ubuntu server (same IP), install fog and copy the WWW folder and mysql back. Thats it? Could I do that if I wanted to upgrade to ubuntu server 12.04 in the future or is a fresh install always recommend?


  • Should be a script with the installation files files for FOG named FOGBackup.sh, open it in a editor and have a look.
    Personally i run a script from crontab to backup my linux servers automatically, first it mounts a remote server and then it compresses the www folder and runs mysqldump to the remote mount.