Upgraded from .32 to 1.1.2... Fog tries to join workgroup instead of domain

  • Images created that had no issues with joining domain are deciding that they don’t want to join the domain at all or if they do want to try to join. They will try to join a workgroup using the domain name.

    4 out of 5 computers will not automagically join the wifi

  • I had this problem when first setting up my server and I recall reading somewhere that when syspreping a machine, getting it ready for an image upload, it cannot be joined to the domain.
    It has to be in a workgroup before running sysprep and uploading the image.
    Since I started doing that, and making sure I entered my password correctly into FogCrypt, I haven’t had any problems with computers joining the domain.

    Is this still true?

  • Developer

    have you changed the Active Directory username field to the new format for 1.0+ ?
    the username field should no longer have “domain\user”
    it should just be “user”

  • It’s a completely different system, from a driver setup, it won’t automatically attempt joining wifi. The only one that should automatically join is the original system the image was built from.

  • Wireless Fidelity? Wireless Network

  • Join the wifi?

    What do you mean by this?