Dual NIC frustrations: Gigabyte H87N-WiFi Client

  • Not sure where this issue goes as it is a collision between a couple different issues.
    I am trying to set up a PC for my living room home theater. I have the most ridiculous problem with this motherboard. Tried to Windows 7 with Yumi and it says that it was unable to install…after seeming to go through the entire process. So naturally, FOG, right?

    The issue with the dual NICs is that only one of the ports will boot from PXE, and only the other port will do anything on the network once it boots. I boot the FOG menu, select quick register, it pulls the bzimage and the init.rd and then blinking cursers for a while. Link light is dead. For whatever reason (having learned a little about this when running this mobo as a server) I switched NICs mid blinky-curser and it lights up and starts showing activity. Does quick register.

    Cool, now I can image this pc. Go to hosts menu, select image, set download task, boot FOG: “This host is not registered.” Because of the NIC switch. Just saw the Add a MAC option while I’m typing this up. I’ll do that and then start thinking about a BIOS update.

    Just wanted to share. Anyone seen any similar issues with messed up logic in the MOBO like that? It is working which is comforting. Sadly spent all day off and on trying to set this up. I’m gonna go cry now.
    (I can add notes on this experience on the wiki, or if someone with access would like, please feel free to mark it down with a big red X* (* sort of works with caveats).

  • Developer

    we have seen somewhat similar issues regarding the reporting of mac addresses before. that is why the undionly.kpxe file now reports the first 3 macs it finds, in case the computer reports network adapters in the wrong order.

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