HOW to prevent resizing the partition

  • Hi,

    i’m using fog 1.1.2. I installed a computer with windows 7. The harddisk is about 1 TB, but i created an 25 GB partition, the rest is unallocated.
    I using
    in the unattend.xml.

    I sysprep the machine using this unattend.xml. After this i create an image with fog.

    On the original machine, where i created this image, everything is ok after running the mini setup. There is 45 GB big partition.

    On every other machine the whole disk is used, there is no unallocated space and only one partition with 1TB.

    Can someone help me?

  • Moderator

    are you using a multi partition single image? it shouldn’t expand on it’s own

  • Did you build your answer file with WSIM or manually?
    What pass did you put the ExtendOSPartition in?
    Have you tried without

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