Active Directory OU Settings FOG 1.1.2

  • Hi there,

    I just upgraded to Fog 1.1.2 and noticed that a change in the Active Directory Settings.
    I used to be able to input the OU in which the Computers got transferred to.
    Now there is a Dropdown list which has no content, leaving it blank is probably just going to throw them into the default folder.
    Is there a way to populate this List or manually input the OU?

    Also I have read around the Forums that the FOGService got updated, does that mean I have to change the build-in Password again? It was quite awful to do so and I would hate to do it again.

  • Developer

    this has already been changed in svn, so that if the default field contains 1 or less entries, then the field on the hosts will be a text box. the way that the OU field was implemented in 1.1.2 was mostly an oversight/incomplete implementation caused by the discovery/fix of a bad bug that made us release the new version sooner then we had originally intended.

  • Hi

    This is a really cool idea - however - being a standard HTML non-editable combo box means it’s unfortunately not practical. So much so that I’ve hacked the 1.1.2 page back to a free-text box.

    My FOG is doing 2 domains over 5 sites, with lots of OU’s, as some sites have OU’s for each classroom’s OU. In 0.32 I’d hacked the page for to include a simple TXT file that listed our OU ‘templates’ on the bottom of the page - then we would just manually adjust the OU path if required.

    The other problem I found is that existing OU paths weren’t displayed if they weren’t in the default OU list.

    Moving forward, could I recommend that the free-text box be retained, but also have the Combo box lookup next to it. Then add a javascript update the text box upon making a selection from the combo box presets?


  • Developer

    In theory it shudnt of populated as a dropdown if u only had one or no ou listed and reason it didnt get a big mention is we are/were still testing it

  • aaah this makes sense… Great thanks!
    altough a mention somewhere in the release notes or something would’ve been helpful;)

  • Perfect! Now this has more sense and it’s easier!! (althoug a Little bit tricky) …

  • Developer

    to populate the dropdown seperate your OU’s with | and whichever you want to be the default (if you want a default just add ;):

    i.e OU=Workstations,OU=Domain,DC=domain,DC=com;|OU=Servers,OU=Domain,DC=domain,DC=com|OU=Servers,OU=Domain,DC=domain,DC=com

    so workstations will be default and all 3 will be available in the dropdown.

    thanks tom for the addition 🙂

  • Although the option is good, to pick an OU from a dropdown list, we now don’t have the option to enter a different OU than the one specified in the Fog Settings.

    Is it there a reason for this change?