Fog 1.1.1 - Update host name bug from lower case to capitals

  • Hi Guys,

    I think I found a bug in updating the host name when updating the hostname from lower case to capital letters.

    Normally our naming convention is all capitals like PC-SERIAL
    One of the guys accidentally entered pc-serial which isn’t a big deal so we went to update it to all capital letters in the web interface it comes up with the error “Hostname Exists already”

    When changing it to another name like PC-RANDOM and then renaming it back to PC-SERIAL it works fine.

    I am guessing that php is assuming that A and a are the same.


  • Ahh no worries, The work around is easy enough.

  • Senior Developer

    This is not really a “bug” persay.

    It’s not PHP assuming A or a, but rather the methods we’re using to select data from the database. I can’t guess every possible situation of events and I’m sorry for that. Basically, FOG’s just checking what is returned. If it’s one or greater, it exists. The only way to “fix” the issue would be to do as you described.

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