Chainloading iPXE

  • We have been having major issues getting our Dells to Chainload, and I was thinking about switching back to PXELinux but I really like iPXE so I did some digging on the iPXE website. This is working for us so far on our problem machines… we will be rolling our Fog subnet farther out but in the three locations where we are testing:

    1. edit default.ipxe
      add a line at the end of the file:
      [CODE]chain http://10.x.x.x/fog/grub/grub.exe --config-file=“rootnoverify (hd0);chainloader +1”[/CODE]

    2. Download the grub4dos executable from here:

    As can be seen in my config I dumped it in the fog directory. iPXE seems to be working still and chainloading is now working in the test environment.

    I pulled the code snippets from here:
    [URL=‘’]BIOS Halt on iPXE[/URL]

    If this helps folks let me know, or if it doesn’t work for you, also let me know. I’ll keep testing it from here.


  • Senior Developer


    With this methodology, do your systems still talk to boot.php? I thought this was the method I was using for the grub exit system though?

  • Developer

    a grub4dos exit type is already implemented in fog as of 1.1.0

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