Fog Version: 1.1.1

  • After updating to Fog 1.1.1, when imaging, the progress bar does not show any progress on the web interface. We use single partition images only.

  • Just to update you, I have just tested updating the image in fog 1.1.2 which uses part clone to capture and the progress bar is now working. ;)

    Thanks for the help, appreciated. :)

  • Brilliant, I will give this a go :) thanks for your help.

  • Senior Developer


    Simply recapture and it should work properly. While I attempted to make the output more or less the same from partimage to partclone, I didn’t have any partimage images to test with. Partclone is a better medium anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to re-upload the image so it is in partclone format.

  • Hi,

    I have also upgraded to fog 1.1.2 and progress bar is blank showing 0% when imaging machines. However under the image deploy method it states that it is partimage which may be the problem. How do I go about changing the deploy method from partimage to partclone? Is this a matter of recapturing the image using the latest version of fog 1.1.2 ?


  • Developer

    also only shows for PartClone Images, not legacy PartImage - assume you’re using legacy PartImage?

  • Senior Developer

    What page are you saying this doesn’t show?

    The progress bar only display’s on the Active Tasks page from the Task Management Page.

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