Windows 7 image boots to blank screen after deployment

  • Hello all,

    Fog 1.1.1 hosted on SL6 (RHEL6 ish) environment.

    I got a win7 image uploaded. Yippie! But when I deploy (unicast) to a Dell T1500 with 250G hard disk after deploy (which looked like no errors) the system boots to a blank screen with a single underline cursor and never does anything else.

    Doesn’t matter if I chain boot from upxe or F12 boot directly from disk.

    Booting into debug shows the single partion is there and is even mountable vis ntfs-3g
    (starts on 2048 sector)

    Comparing MBR record installed (/usr/share/fog/mbr/win7.mbr) from this 1.1.1 fog and our old (working) .32 fog shows they are indentical and comparing current MBR on disk to /usr/share/fog/mbr/win7.mbr shows only the octets in partition table differ.

    On a whim I also put back the original C:/Boot/BCD … didn’t help…

    Any ideas?

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    Actually no but I may update two similar models soon if it reoccurs what would you like me to do.

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    This is actually really good info. Joseph do you still have the “bad” image?

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    Reuploading after running bootrec /fixmbr gives you a working image.

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    bootrec /fixmbr does fix the deployed image, I am testing the fixed image by reuploading it and then deploying it.

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    I am having the same issue with a thinkcenter 5048 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to fix the windows boot partition to avoid this issue. I’m uncomfortable editing init.xz image and just resizing it seems to be a non starter because the existing data is more than 100mb.

  • Ok… here is a quick tutorial on modifying the init.xz image.

    (this all based on my Centos 6 system, but i suspect would work pretty much the same on ubuntu)

    • First decompress the init.xz image that is used as the filesystem for the fog deployment kernel

    xzcat /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz > /tmp/init

    • Then set it up as a loopback file system on /dev/loop0 (use /dev/loopX where X is something not in use if for some reason you have /dev/loop0 already in use)

    losetup /dev/loop0 /tmp/init

    • Mount the loopback file system somewhere to modify it (again /dev/loopX same as above, and where you mount it can be any leaf difrectory)

    mount /dev/loop0 /mnt

    Then you can go in and modify /mnt/bin and modify fog.upload or

    Once you have made the changes you want to make you first make sure no process has a current working directory or open file in the loopback file system, usually just cd / to effect that. Then you umount the file system and disconnect the loopback device

    cd /
    umount /mnt
    losetup -d /dev/loop0

    Then you recompress it and save it back where fog system looks for it…

    mv /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz.backup.YYYYMMDD
    xz -C crc32 -9 -c /tmp/init > /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz

    Hope that helps.

    Ill post a diff to solve this same problem for 1.2.0 (above patch is 1.1.1) later this week.

    (note… problem this all solves is when your win7 image starts on sector 63 instead of sector 2048)

  • Hello All,
    Has there been any update as to a full on fix for this issue? I am having the same issue with installing an image to Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p systems. I am willing to make the modifications to the init.xz , however I am not sure how to edit the init.xz after I’ve uncompressed it. When I open the file with a text editor its blank.

    I’m looking to go back a few steps and use version .32 if this is not slated to be fixed soon…

    Thank you for any help 🙂

    Wile E coyote 😉

  • Same problem here on Lenovo desktop and laptop products.

  • I found if I choose a RAW image it works perfectly. You have to wait 6 hours for the image to create the first time, and 40 minutes for each deploy, but at lease it works. RAW must get the boot sector correctly where the the others do not. Something is different because it works for me. It even works for Win8.1 and the new UEFI BIOS.

  • Hi

    I have the same problem with fog 1.1.2 and dell 780 with single partition

    Is there a solution ?


  • [quote=“user 1111122222, post: 31711, member: 24492”]Eric:
    How did you edit the file? I can’t seem to find the same file on my system.
    I have a file, but it is way different and does not contain the setting you describe.[SIZE=2] Can you please offer some [/SIZE]guidance[SIZE=2]?[/SIZE]
    Admittedly, I am a linux noob so forgive me if this is obvious to others.[/quote]

    you would need to unpack the init.xz in /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/, do the changes and then repack it.
    But I wouldn’t recommend doing that if your not familiar with linux…

  • Eric:
    How did you edit the file? I can’t seem to find the same file on my system.
    I have a file, but it is way different and does not contain the setting you describe.[SIZE=2] Can you please offer some [/SIZE]guidance[SIZE=2]?[/SIZE]
    Admittedly, I am a linux noob so forgive me if this is obvious to others.

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    your windows boot partition must be 100mb, as per the standard default install.

  • I too can confirm that I am experiencing this issue – running FOG Server 1.1.1 on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS.

    Our Windows 7 PC’s original image was created from a clean windows 7 install (updates, couple programs installed - acrobat, etc, nothing special really) and imaged using the “Single Disk (NTFS Only) Resizable”

    The partitions on the disk are as follows:

    disk0part0: System (300MB)
    disk0part1: OS (rest of drive - 248GB)

    When I push the image to an identical spec’d PC, the image completes successfully but the cloned PC does not boot to windows (blank screen with single blinking “_” underscore )

  • Ok, so good news to report. Modifying the script to have single partition start at sector 63 for windows 7 (image type 5) has produced a successful deployment.

    Now the question is why?

    Is this because the uploaded image started on sector 63? Where/what in the OS would care about where partition 1 starts

    (it is not the MBR, that is the same, and reflected partition start on 2048 on the non-successful deployments)

    Having to be sure the single partition on deployed box always starts at same sector as the uploaded image seems to be a cumbersome long term solution.

    Any windows experts care to chime in?

    Here is the my current patch to make win7 deploy work. But like I said above, I consider this a hack, not a long term solution.

    — 2014-06-24 08:50:37.000000000 -0400
    +++ 2014-06-24 08:36:46.000000000 -0400
    @@ -41,6 +41,10 @@
    if [ “$osid” == “5” ] || [ “$osid” == “6” ] || [ “$osid” == “7” ]; then
    dots “Windows Boot Partition Exists”;

    •                  sectorstart=2048
    •                  if [ "$osid" == "5" ]; then
    •                          sectorstart=63
    •                  fi
                        if [ -f "$win7imgroot/rec.img.000" ]; then
                                echo "Yes";

    @@ -76,7 +80,7 @@
    parted -s $hd u kB rm 1 &>/dev/null;
    echo “Done”;
    dots “Preparing Hard Disks (Stage 3)”;

    •                                  parted -s $hd -a opt u kB mkpart primary ntfs 2048s $layPartSize &>/dev/null;
    •                                  parted -s $hd -a opt u kB mkpart primary ntfs ${sectorstart}s $layPartSize &>/dev/null;
                                        parted -s $hd u kB set 1 boot on &>/dev/null;
                                elif [ "$win7partcnt" == "2" ]; then
                                        dots "Preparing Hard Disks (Stage 2)";


  • Hi Tom, et al, Some updates:

    • ran fixparts on image before upload. Didn’t fix the problem. Still boots to a blank screen with single blinking underline cursor and nothing else.
    • took a working windows 7 image (one that was built on 0.32 and deploys just fine from our 0.32 fog server, moved it to 1.1.1 fog server and set the legacy flag and then told 1.1.1 fog server to use partimage to deply that image. Same result.

    So… Im not sure what the issue is. As best I can tell the only diff between 0.32 and 1.1.1 with a partimage restore of single partition is that 0.32 puts the /dev/sda1 partition at sector 63 and 1.1.1 puts it at sector 2048.

    But shouldn’t the MBR just be going to the first partition.

    Im going to modify 1.1.1 to put win7 (type 5) first partition at sector 63 and see what happens. Stay tuned.

    ( Side note: On the positive side was able to get windows 8 image to upload and unicast download with no problems. )

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    This sounds like the disk is partitioned through GPT, while the Windows system believes it’s an MBR style.

    To fix this, boot the system into a Debug task (through the Basic Tasks->Debug, Debug - Download, Debug - Upload). After it boots, it will bring you to a command line prompt.

    Do NOT run the fog script, simply run fixparts /dev/sda and press the letter w to fix the partitions, cancel the “debug created task”, reboot the system and see if all starts up properly. If it does, schedule and Upload task to fix the MBR tables.

  • No. It doesn’t matter if you chain boot off of upxe or use F12 to boot direct from disk, or disconnect the ethernet cable and have it skip the pxe boot. Same thing.

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    will the system boot if you have it unplugged from the network?