Fog 1.1.1 and a UEFI only laptop

  • Hi There, i’m in the process of building my Fog 1.1.1 server to replace my 0.32 server in due course. the Main reason is that we now have some laptops that are UEFI boot only (no legacy option)

    I can using undiony.kpxe get our older systems to boot and register in the new Fog server but the new laptops don’t boot.
    it starts booting over IPv4
    then it says Succeed to download NBP File.
    then it trys to boot over IPv6 then it eventually (we don’t have DHCP for IPv6) either tries to boot of the Local disk or if i pull the drive out just says no boot devices.

    if i change the bootfile to snponly.efi the UEFI laptop gets to the boot menu but if you choose register it loads init.xz then goes back to trying to IPv6 PXE boot. the old systems simply hang on network boot after displaying the IP address, GUID, gateway etc…

    is it possible to allow bot types UEFI and Legacy boot?

  • There’s ways to assign different .pxe boots to different clients. Sadly my google-fu is lacking right now but bringing VLANs into it is kind of a mess.

  • Ok thanks for the Update… yes i had disabled secure boot 🙂 I’ll have to think about something a bit more complex with VLANs or something so i can UEFI boot some stuff and UNDI boot the others :s…

  • Developer

    unfortunately no you can’t simultaneously run UEFI and legacy boot it’s one or the other i’m afraid however you can run UEFI with legacy PXE… iPXE does not support UEFI PXE but iPXE dev team are working on developing this…

  • Developer

    have you disabled secure boot?