Remove old, non-active computers from FOG

  • Is there a way to remove computers from FOG that are not being used anymore? I have almost 900 PC entered into FOG but only about 650-700 actively deployed. The rest have been replaced or removed. Any suggestions would be welcome. I would like to use the FOG inventory report, but I don’t want to have to manually remove 200 or more computers. Thanks!

    (I’m using v 0.29 still)

  • Ok. Well, it’s summertime here (which is when I actually use FOG the most) so it might get moved to an end of summer - after imaging or a middle of winter project. Thanks for the info.

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    I’d personally recommend performing a Full install considering you’re coming from 0.29. A LOT has changed even from that to 0.32. I’d recommend, however, exporting the hosts and image data into a CSV file. Install fog, then reimport the data. phpMyAdmin would be very helpful for this.

    This will do two things for you. One, it will remove the inventory data as there’s nothing to go off of. While seemingly a problem at first, one of the things I’ve added to the init is pushing inventory on every download task, so you always have updated inventory even if you manually added the hosts. Second, it will give a starting point at which hosts need to be deleted. Once you’ve imported all the hosts and such, you can schedule inventory tasks or download tasks (however you see fit) to all the hosts you have in fog. Once you know all your systems have completed the inventory, the hosts that do not have an inventory report are most likely the hosts that you no longer have.

    I know this is time consuming and disheartening, but hopefully you understand that a LOT has changed. Just the change over from 0.32 to 1.x.x is very different, and you’re coming from 0.29.

  • I was afraid of that. Problem is, I don’t know which ones need deleted. I was hoping for a 'this computer hasn’t reported into fog for XX number of days".

    On another note, how hard is the upgrade to the new version? Is it easy to upgrade and transfer my images and data?

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    I think there’s a way. If you know which hosts need to be removed, put them in a group. From that Group you can choose to delete all hosts when you delete the group. Hopefully that helps.

    This only will work with 1.x.x of FOG so if you’re in older versions you may just have to bite the bullet and start clicking delete.

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