Changing Compression levels

  • If we change the compression levels (via method at [url][/url]), does it make existing images (compressed on a different level) unusable, or does the system know that it was compressed at a certain level and adjust?

  • Senior Developer

    The FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG_PIGZ_COMP is defaulted to 9 which means maximum compression/slowest upload.
    It only functions on the upload process.

    If this is where you’re trying to “speedup” the images, I’d recommend adjusting this value.

    If you’re trying to “speedup” the download of images, then check your networking. Is there 10/100MB limiting that lab down from a gigabit network?

  • Developer

    i don’t think that increasing the compression is going to affect speed that much, except for making uploads slower.

  • In production .32. It’s on an old clunker, and looking on testing 1.0.1 (although I’ll probably get it upgraded to 1.1.0 before we actually test it) on a VM that we ported over. If the porting doesn’t make it faster, we were going to try increasing the compression a click or two to see if it helps with the speeds.

  • Developer

    decompression levels automatically adjust.
    what version of fog are you using?

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