Adding Images Back in

  • After the redo and every thing - I think I am back up for the most part. I am adding the images back in but having an issue with my windows 7 images. I am sure this is something simple, just don’t know what to do.


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    Just the one time, because you will upload this “now good” image and push that to your other hosts.

  • Do I need to do that on every computer or just a one time deal?

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    The easiest I can give is to just press the letter w.

  • Is there an instruction set on how to use this somewhere?

  • Two questions.

    I have it in debug mode - what do I do now?

    Second - do I need to do this to every machine - different image - or just once on a single machine?


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    The debug task, there is a program I’ve had in the init for a while called fixparts.

    [code]fixparts /dev/sda[/code]

    Make the adjustments as necessary and save. If you do this from an Upload-Debug task, your image will be able to be pushed to clients as well. Once saved all you’ll need to do is run:
    [code]fog[/code] And it should upload your data. Then, hopefully, your system will boot properly.

  • Yes it will boot without network cable. GPT is possible - if so what can I do? I will check on GPT.

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    It’s making me think the partitions are in GPT format :D

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    will the computer boot with the network cable unplugged?

  • Any more ideas?

  • Changed it through all 3 and no luck. Grub brought it to grub prompt. Sanboot gets stuck on fog screen and exit just puts up the blinking “_”.

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    try changing the exit type

  • Restarting NFS didn’t seem to help. Not horribly concerned about this one - it only shows itself to us in IT so waiting for one additional boot cycle isn’t that big of a deal. It looks like we are also getting stuck on the FOG boot menu screen though. If I hit enter on the boot from HD then it just starts the timer over. If I hit escape it blinks a “_” in the top left corner.

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    Sounds like you’re having issues with NFS if you can try and restart the NFS service that would probably help out

  • Ok did it again. Ignore the ctrl-c part … It must have just timed out and rebooted. It errors on first boot and then goes and images once it reboots itself.

  • It is a partimage and new development. When it came up with the original error telling me that it was going to restart - I pressed ctrl -c and it rebooted and went through the entire image process - and successfully. I am going to try it again.

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    Last question(s),

    Is this image of partimage or partclone format?

    Can you run the task as a debug mode. When at prompt, type fog and press enter. Once it fail’s, break out (CTRL+C) and cd to /images/Optiplex3010I5Catia/

    Thank you for the patience and understanding.

  • Yep.


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    Is the Path in the Image setting set to /images/Optiplex9010I5Catia

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