XFS Support for fog.upload and fog.bkup

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    Redhat are moving their default file system to xfs (from ext4) in RHEL7. I’m guessing this will mean all of the RHEL derivatives (Centos, Scientific Linux, …) will follow suit. Partclone supports xfs, but at the moment the fog upload scripts are falling back to partclone.imager and taking taking a raw image of the partitions. I’ve tested the following patches and they seem to allow xfs to be handled correctly, please consider them for inclusion.

    — src/buildroot/package/fog/scripts/bin/fog.bkup (revision 1801)
    +++ src/buildroot/package/fog/scripts/bin/fog.bkup (working copy)
    @@ -943,6 +943,8 @@
    fstype=blkid -po udev $win7sys | grep FS_TYPE | awk -F'=' '{print $2}';
    if [ “$fstype” == “ext4” ] || [ “$fstype” == “ext3” ] || [ “$fstype” == “ext2” ]; then
    fstype=“extfs -c”

    •                            elif [ "$fstype" == "xfs" ]; then
    •                                fstype="xfs -c"
                                elif [ "$fstype" == "ntfs" ]; then
                                    fstype="ntfs -c"
                                elif [ "$fstype" == "vfat" ]; then



    [CODE]Index: src/buildroot/package/fog/scripts/bin/fog.upload

    — src/buildroot/package/fog/scripts/bin/fog.upload (revision 1801)
    +++ src/buildroot/package/fog/scripts/bin/fog.upload (working copy)
    @@ -261,6 +261,10 @@
    fstype=“extfs -c”;
    echo $fstype;
    sleep 10;

    •                elif [ "$fstype" == "xfs" ]; then
    •                    fstype="xfs -c";
    •                    echo $fstype;
    •                    sleep 10;
                    elif [ "$fstype" == "ntfs" ]; then
                        fstype="ntfs -c";
                        echo $fstype;


    I’ve tested upload and download against RHEL7 (release candidate 1) images and everything seems to work.


    P.S. I’m new here (but not to fog), so if I’m doing something wrong, please let me know.


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    Thanks Tom. It looks like RHEL7 released today as well, good timing!

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    When I get home I’ll take a look and probably add it thank you

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