MBR Partition on Upload PC but on imaged machine it shows GPT

  • The computer I used to upload my image shows the Partition Table as MBR and “boot” flag set properly on the first partition (windows 7) but after I upload the image and download it to new machine it keeps going to GPT for the partition and no boot flag on the first partition.

    I looked in the Bios and all the settings are the same on both. Not sure what would be causing this anyone else run into this and been able to fix it yet?

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    is this an OEM install, or have you wiped the disk clean and done a fresh install?

  • I made an image using Clonezilla of the same computer and imaged the other machine and that worked fine but obviously that isn’t really the same process as FOG but figured I would just mention it.

  • This was in the System Compatibility area of the fog menu. I think I stated something wrong though I think the Partition Table on the computer used for Upload actually said msdos.

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    [quote=“Steven Chew, post: 29698, member: 21664”]The computer I used to upload my image shows the Partition Table as MBR[/quote]

    how does it show this? If it is within windows, the computer is probably lying to you. Microsoft calls some partition table arrangements MBR when they’re actually GPT/MBR hybrid.

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