Multicast deploy does not launch snap-ins

  • Hi,
    using fog version 1.1.0 under an ubuntu 12.04.
    We have noticed that multicast deployments does not launch snap-ins assigned to the hosts.
    We guess it is a bug. Could you check that?

    Thanks a lot.

    UPC - Barcelona

  • Hi again Tom,
    I’ve updated to 1.1.1 and the behaviour is the same. Launching a mullticast deploy the associated snap-ins are not launched.
    By the way, what is the deployment button that appears in host list for? It seems to launch a deploy of one host using multicast, but that doesn’t have much sense.


  • Senior Developer

    I don’t know that that is the cause or not. I didn’t make any changes to how the groups get deployed.

    It seems like something else is being missed though. I see if I can replicate it, if I can I can maybe track down what/where the issue is, but from all my testing, all seems to work properly.

  • Tom,
    I know that if the host don’t have any snap-in associate no snap-in will be done. That’s logical and that’s the way it worked before.

    But I swear you that we lauched a group with hosts that had snap-ins associated, and the snap-ins were not queued. Right now I have created a group with only one host and one snap-in associated, I have launched a multicast deployment, and the snap-in is not on snap-in queued tasks.

    My fog version is 1.1.0. I downloaded it before you make it official. Can it be that the cause of this problem?


  • Senior Developer


    Snapin deployments do happen, but only to the hosts who have snapins associated to them. I only know this because I’ve spent basically the better part of 2 days trying to fix Multicast, and waited while the host that actually has snapins associated to it to finish with those snapins.

    I hope this answers the question.

  • HI,
    any developer who can answer this please?

  • Hi,
    I have it, of course. Snap-ins are done in unicast deployment but not in a multicast one.

  • Developer

    Do you have the FOG Service installed in your image?

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