Updated from .32 to 1.1.0 - Won't let me create deployment task.

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    []Built a .32 test server.
    ]Did a usb sneakernet of two .32 images from a known working server.
    []Did a Full inventory on an ‘unknown system’ and assigned it an image.
    ]Deployed image without error to system.
    [*]Performed update to 1.1.0
    Going to the Image under Image Management, I associated the image with the correct OS version.

    Went to the host, and tried to initiate a deployment task, and encountered the error attached. I’ve attached a screen grab of the image management screen, as well as the host management screen.

    What did I miss??



  • Thank you for the information. I did a 3rd option not realizing that you had responded. I re-copied the image from backup to the server, and it worked ok. I did not verify or check the image path prior to doing this. It could well be that the path got a bit mixed up. Regardless, the test worked.

    Now onto doing the upgrade on the production server! I’ll keep your information for any other ‘uh oh’ situations I might have.
    Thanks! 🙂

  • Testers

    I had an identical problem in similar circumstances, check that the “Image Path” matches the actual directory path on the disk of your fog server, in my case I had changed a “w” to a “W” in the on disk filename so fog wasn’t finding it.

    Before I noticed this mistake in my case I fixed it in a hackish way which might also work for you: Basically I tried to trick fog into thinking that the image had already been deployed by doing this

    []cp -rp /images/LHSLenovoTC7373AMU64Bit /images/LHSLenovoTC7373AMU64Bit-old
    ]Upload of whatever was on the client into LHSLenovoTC7373AMU64Bit
    []cp -rp /images/LHSLenovoTC7373AMU64Bit-old /images/LHSLenovoTC7373AMU64Bit
    ]Download of the actual image onto the client
    I’m sure there are better ways of doing this, but it worked for me.