SYSPREP Question!

  • I am currently using FOG to multicast however i do have a issue and I was curious if anyone could help on this…
    After using SYSPREP i need to rename machine to their MAC address. anyone know how?

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    change the arch to amd64 and see if you get the same errors

    • Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup
    • Microsoft-Windows-International-Core
    • Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup

  • I used WIAK.
    Windows 7 Professional x64


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    you’re better of posting your unattend.xml file - what did you use to create ur unattend.xml? from examples or Windows AIK? what OS is it? and the OSArch?

  • I was curious if anyone has experience with syspreping.

    During the Unattended install it errors out and In my logs i got this .


  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 30023, member: 7271”]Try 3.15 kernel from unpublished kernel listing.[/quote]

    I’ll try that. btw where do i get or set that up? is that in the /var/www/fog/commons/config.php ?

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    Try 3.15 kernel from unpublished kernel listing.

  • Thank you for the assisitance it was very helpful.

    However I do have a question. I am currently working on Lenovo SL510 Thinkpad laptops and during fog I keep getting i2c-parport-light adapter type unspecified and it will hang for awhile but continue … is there a way to fix or should i just put up with it?

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    [quote=“Dragnous, post: 29634, member: 24480”]humm maybe i missed something how do I have fog rename[/quote]

    When you register to FOG name the machine the conventional name you want it to have at it’s end point.

    Then during sysprep set up your unattend.xml to include “<ComputerName>*</ComputerName>” in your Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

    After the imaging completes, Unattend.XML will auto generate a name for the machine, but before the first log in, as long as the FOG Client is installed, the FOG server will rename the machine to the host name you provided during registration.

    You can change the machine name in the middle of the year if you want. All you have to do is change the name in the Host Management page and the FOG client will once again rename the machine.

    You need to make sure that the rename option is set during the installation of the FOG Client, and you will also want to verify that the option is enabled on the FOG server under the settings page.

  • humm maybe i missed something how do I have fog rename

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    Personally. I let FOG do the renaming and I let the unattend.xml assign ANYTHING to the host name (It end up being some Auto-BVT then some numbers) because FOG will fix it for me as long as I include the client in my image.

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    I’d think think you could do this one of two ways, register it in FOG with the systems MAC address as the name and install the FOG Client on the image so it changes the name to the MAC address.

    The other way would be to use the unattend.xml file and have it reset the systems name. You’d have to mount the partition, find the file, search for the ComputerName xml elements and change it there.

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