How does FOG behave when passed an invalid file path?

  • I was uploading an image to our server yesterday, but cancelled it part-way through. Afterwards I went to look on the server where we keep our images to delete any temporary files that might be left over, but I could not find the folder for that particular image. I checked the image in FOG’s web interface and realised that I had accidentally specified an invalid file path: /fogimages/backup//Backup-5-06-14 instead of /fogimages/backup/Backup-5-06-14. FOG did not warn me about this and was in fact running the upload normally before I cancelled it.
    So, does FOG upload the entire image to a temporary location, then check the file path before writing to the final location? And might there be temporary files leftover from the cancelled upload in some odd location?


  • Developer

    check the /images/dev folder for the temp files named after the mac address of the computer they came from

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