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  • Hi!

    I’m a school sysadmin in France, I have a trainee with me thoses weeks, and we just reinstalled FOG on 1.0.1 version.
    Impressive work Tom !

    One of his missions is to create a dashboard with infos from FOG/Nagios/GLPI/Centreon & More.

    We crawled in the php code and found out that there’s no simple way to include External Authentication except by hacking Processlogin.inc.php.

    We are already using a CAS server for GLPI, some topics on the forums suggest to add Shibboleth or LDAP or MS-AD, maybe some would like to auth via Kerberos or IDK other sources of authentication (facebook? hahaha)

    We’ll try to work it out our way with CAS using phpCAS library and publish our code here, do you think it’s possible to have a global “External Authentication” settings menu/plugins system/hooks so people like us and others would be able to implement their source of auth. ?

    • is there a public roadmap somewhere, a list of features you will implement soon ?


    (excuse my english, i’m just a froggy french guy)

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    I already saw, merged, and fixed in both git and svn.

  • Thanks Tom for the Update. This is good news indeed. I believe i might have found a typo in some of the code. I submitted a pull request (hope I did that right).

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    [quote=“Walter Wahlstedt, post: 38415, member: 1441”]I’m with K3nnyfr. i would like support for external auth.[/quote]

    External authentication is in the works.

    Already in SVN we’ve added a new plugin called LDAP. This basically checks an ldap server. If the information passed is correct and allows sign in, it (right now) creates a local FOG GUI user with mobile permissions levels and then logs you in. I’m guessing these means the potential for so much more as you could create login plugins that work for ldap/ad, kerberos, etc…

    The window of opportunity is upon us and while I’m not directly coding external authentication mechanisms, they are possible now.

  • I’m with K3nnyfr. i would like support for external auth.

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