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  • Hello everybody,

    I searched on a lot of forum to configure correctly my fog server to join my Windows 7 station to my active directory after a deploy.

    Is the fog service needed ?
    Sometimes it is writed that i have to use it and sometimes not.

    How to configure exactly the server ?

    For information, I use the version 1.0.1

    Thanks :)

  • Tom,
    Of course. However I didn’t think it through all the way. Right now the only service I use is joining the AD. In the future I would like to get snapins working, but so far multiple images has worked for me.

  • Senior Developer

    FOG Client performs many different functions. If you don’t want those functions, you don’t need to install FOG Client. If you want those functions, you need to have the FOG Client installed.

    You could still perform the functions without the FOG Client, but you’ll be doing all the work yourself.

  • Duh! No wonder I have been having the same issue. I forgot Fog Service in the Image.

  • Ok, i’ll try it friday.

    Thanks a lot for your quickly answers :)

  • Developer

    without the fog client, the fog server has no way of telling the computer what to do. you need the client installed to join the domain automatically.
    i did spot a couple issues with the wiki and edited the wiki before i posted the link, it should be reasonably accurate.

  • To be clear, when i deploy my Windows 7, the fog client has to be installed on my 7 to join the domain automatically right ?

    For the configuration i will follow the wiki. I was not sure that the wiki was right with the fog 1.0.1

  • Developer

    you do not need the fog service to use fog, but you do need the fog service to join the domain automatically.

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