SOLVED Improved grub2 solution proposal

  • Developer

    Updated versions of, fog.upload and to improve grub2 support.

    Short description: These changes capture the full “embedding area” (the space before the first partition), instead of just the first 63 sectors. It turns out that grub2 may use more than the 62 sectors, if they are available. With Windows 7, the first partition is usually at 2048, not 64.

    These scripts have been tested at least one full cycle of upload/download using a dual-boot (windows 7 & ubuntu 14.04) system, using grub2 and extended partitions for the ubuntu system.

    I tried to make it so that you can just replace the old files with these. I think I even got the tabs right.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



  • Senior Developer

    This has been added to inits and scripts.

    Had to modify the saveGRUB a little bit if the disk returns with 0, it can’t create the mbr because the count get’s offset by one sector. count can’t equal -1 or 0. At least in the case of 0 it generates a d1.mbr file, but there’s no data inside of it.