• Functionally, everything is working great on my new 1.0.1 installation. This is something that was even happening on .33, though. I can hit my [url]http://fogserver/fog/management/[/url] quick enough but when I put in my creds and log in it sits there for a good 20-30 seconds before it logs in. Once it has logged in, everything responds quickly and I can navigate normal and everything is very responsive. It’s just that initial login.

    With the problems other people have I feel sorta nickpicky even talking about this but it is what it is. Any ideas what would cause this type of slow login? Is this normal for everyone?

  • Developer

    Does the FOG server have access to the internet? If not, this is the reason for your slowness and it is already documented in the forums.

  • I remember this happened to me a long time ago. My co-worker said that we should try putting the DHCP services on another NIC interface to see if that would help alleviate the issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried that yet (that was my previous job) but it may help you!