Host menu links not working on Firefox

  • I haven’t seen this in the forum which leads me to believe it is local to me.

    I use Firefox as my browser of choice (version 29.01) I just got 1.01 working and was looking around. I went to a host page and on the left there is a series of links in the host menu. I hoover over them and I see they point to thinks like active directory or inventory. When I click on the link nothing happens. This leads me to think it is a browser issue. It is, when I use Chrome instead of Firefox it works fine.

    As I have done some web stuff I know getting things to work in every browser is difficult, but the usual suspect is IE, not Firefox. If this a fixable issue?


  • That darned cache. Clearing it worked for me. I don’t know why but Firefox has that issue with many websites.

  • if i put * in the search, i get all hosts listed. work around.

  • I know one of my co-workers had to add <fogservername> into compatibility mode for some links to work in IE

  • This post is deleted!

  • i have the same problem. firefox and IE. tried clearing cache. same problem. just a blank screen when trying to list all hosts. if i search, the host will appear. thanks. fog is still the best.

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    I just tested on Chrome 35, Firefox 22, Firefox <LATEST>, Safari, and IE and have no issues at all. Try clearing your cache settings and see if things start working.

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