Deploy fails after MBR no errors

  • I have a very similar issue with imaging as dislikeusernames had in his thread here:

    Where an image will go through the deploy process up to the loading the MBR. Then it will say the task is completed and then restart. These images were working last week. In fact everything was working beside the 2 computer models in another post of mine. Also the image is set as Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable).

    The only thing that is different is we were having a 0x040ee119 error. Which im not sure what fixed it but I tried all 5 of the undionly.kpxe found here ( I also power cycled the fogserver a few times. Reset the switch the server is connected to and replaced it’s ethernet cable. Then I set the undionly.kpxe back to the original file and the pxe process started working but now the imaging process is broken.

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