Multicast Management Server Issue

  • Hello!

    I’ve been using FOG for a little while now and I just recently had to reinstall it to upgrade from .32 to 1.0.1. My first install worked, however this new install does not. The installer hangs on, “Starting Multicast Management Server…Failed”.

    Originally I’d thought it might have been some leftovers from the old install messing with the new one. So I reformatted the drive, but I’m having the same issue.

    I’d read in the CentOS 5 instructions for v .32, that this might happen and that I just needed to run the install script again. I did several times, but it got hung up on the same spot every time.
    EDIT: To clarify, I followed the instructions on this site for CentOS 6.4, but referenced the version 5 instructions when I Googled the issue that I’m having.

    To add some extra detail, it seems that the services are running alright, but they refuse to stop. I can start them but I can’t stop them. Their log files are nonexistent. Lastly, I checked mysql and a fog database didn’t exist, so I created one and gave the root user access to it without the use of a password. After that didn’t work I tried uninstalling mysql and httpd and letting the script reinstall them.

    I recall the installer ONE TIME getting to the Image Replicator setup, and then failing there, but since then it’s consistently failed at the Multicast server setup.

    iptables should be off completely and selinux should be set to disabled. The proper timezone is set in php.ini. Both dmesg and the httpd error_log appear to not know anything useful.

    CentOS 6.5
    FOG Version: 1.0.1

    Help! \o/----^ <-- That’s a shark and I’m the little guy in the water there.

    EDIT 2: If I can get this working, I’ll write a detailed tutorial for installing Fog 1.0.1 on CentOS 6.5 and include a whole truck load of troubleshooting information.

  • Developer

    there is a donate link on the sourceforge page

  • Woooh! Thanks!

    Also, thanks for the time and effort you put into Fog! I see that you offer the option to mine a cryptocurrency in order to support Fog. If the machine I’m using for this Fog server was mine I would, but sadly it’s my workplace’s so I can’t. Do you have a donation wallet?

  • Senior Developer

    Perform the schema update/install process.

    Then reperform the install. It will not hurt anything and should complete successfully.

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