Host Registration Issue

  • I have a laptop (HP ProBook 4440S) and we are using fog 1.0.1. We can PXE boot it and do a full registration no problem. The Host shows up in the Host management and everything. However, when we pxe boot it again it states that it’s unregistered. We have several other machine (none of the same model) that work with no problems. This is making it impossible to pull an image from this computer. Also verified that the MAC address matches what is in the Host Management table.

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    Thank you,

    I don’t know how to tell ipxe to only see the connected LAN’s as net0, for that I’m sorry.

  • Based off your post I manually added the other MAC address (wireless card). PXE booted and the image is starting to pull.

  • Just the standard Ethernet and Wireless NIC

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    How many NIC’s are on this system?

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