After adding Scheduled Task nothing appears on the page

  • I added a cron style Wake-Up for a group of computers and the Scheduled Tasks page is coming up with nothing on it accept for the top image, no links on the left side.

    Here is what I’m seeing:

    I’m pretty sure the task is there and working but it won’t display for me to re-configure it,. This worries me because I may need to have the computers off for a reason eventually! 🙂

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


  • I am having a similar problem. Just set up a FOG server on CentOS 5.5. Followed the directions to upload first image. PXE booted, ran inventory. Set up image, added image to host, went to basic tasks and selected upload, selected upload image - and nothing. My FogTaskScheduler is running.

  • Developer

    I use FOG 0.30, and we schedule tasks every day. Your scheduled tasks appear, not in Active Tasks Section, in Schuduled Tasks section. When the FOGTaskScheduler service detects a scheduled tasks, the tasks appear in Active Tasks Section with the name Scheduled xxxx.

    If your scheduled tasks not appear in active tasks section, please check and be sure if the FOGTaskScheduler service is running.