Afte 1.0.1 Update, No Printer managment, No Snap-In, No Domain Regristration...

  • Yesterday I performed an update, from FOG 0.32 to 1.0.1 according to the instructions.

    Now I have serval problems:

    1. The Reports are only a blank page
      Solution: Changing path in the FOG Settings FOG_REPORT_DIR “./reports/” to “/reports/” without the dot.

    2. Printer Manager no longer works
      Fog.log: [QUOTE]22.05.2014 08:52 FOG::printerManager Error pulling printer list…
      22.05.2014 08:52 FOG::printerManager Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (500) Interner Serverfehler.
      22.05.2014 08:52 FOG::printerManager bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadDataInternal(Uri address, WebRequest& request)
      bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadString(Uri address)
      bei FOG.PrinterManager.pullNewServerList()
      22.05.2014 08:52 FOG::printerManager Failed to connect to fog server!
      22.05.2014 08:52 FOG::printerManager This is typically caused by a network error![/QUOTE]

    3. Snap-Ins no longer works
      Because Fog means they are installed, in the reports the code is -1

    4. Domain Registration no longer works

    FOG Version 1.0.1
    OS Version Debian 7.1

  • Nevermind, did a quick thread search.

  • I have a similar issue when trying to join a domain:

    HostnameChanger Domain Error! (“unknown error” Code: 2202)

  • Developer

    The printer manager is fixed as of revision 1717.

    Domain registration works, can you please try again after updating your FOG version to the latest revision and try again?

    Snapins are also working.

    -1 means there is likely an issue with the snapin you created(as far as how it works). Basically whatever you were trying to have it do resulted in an error code and a failure.

    If it doesn’t work please post your error logs from apache and fog.log from the client that won’t join the domain.