• Hi,

    I am just trying to find out if the new version of FOG will work with other installs of linux like Fedora.

    Or does it currently only support ubuntu?

    Im running FOG .32 on ubuntu 10.04 and plan to upgrade to version 1.01 do i first need to update my ubuntu install to 14.04 then install the new version of fog?


  • Developer

    Fedora and CentOS are supported.

    Ubuntu has just been making some changes and that is why you see all the chatter about Ubuntu lately.

    I would NOT update to 14.04. I, personally, wouldn’t upgrade form 10.04 ever, I still have servers running 10.04 and I have NO ubuntu issues at all! Fog works wonderfully on a GOOD base OS. 12.04 would not be a bad upgrade, and 13.10 would be safe too.

    Personally I would back up my databases and move my fog folders and install 1.0.1 on the 10.04 machine.

    If you would like to upgrade your Ubuntu I would upgrade to 13.04 or 13.10.

    It would be recommended to upgrade to OS BEFORE installing FOG though.