Unable to install image before partition table was created.

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with FOG 0.32 on DL360e Gen8, no RAID, legacy SATA support.

    When we [COLOR=black]created [/COLOR]a task to [COLOR=black]install [/COLOR]an [COLOR=black]image [/COLOR]on to a new HP Proliant DL360e Gen8 Server, we found it failed to [COLOR=black]install[/COLOR]. If we booted from a GParted live disk and [COLOR=black]created [/COLOR]a (MSDOS) [COLOR=black]partition [/COLOR][COLOR=black]table[/COLOR], then started FOG again, the [COLOR=black]image [/COLOR]installed OK.

    Is there away for FOG to do this to avoid having to boot from a GParted Live disk first?

    Many thanks.

  • Developer

    You can use the debug mode of FOG to issue some commands and actually use linux tools to delete and create partitions.

    In this guide I create ntfs partitions on old linux hard drives so I can image them with Windows 7.


    You can do something similarly if you like by issuing commands to format the drive in fdisk.

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