• Hi everyone!

    My enterprise has some branches spread around the country and we would like to replicate snapin’s as well as images. Due to the lack of this feature, we have configured normal servers on every branch, with the difficulties this has: too many databases to maintain, hard manual work, etc.
    Our aim is to have one normal server on the main office and storage nodes on the branches, so we only have to maintain one database and we can automate the process of replicating snapin’s.

    In this thread there is an explanation about it, but I think it’s quite a lot to do just to replicate snapin’s: [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/scaling-fog-for-the-enterprise.4189/[/url]

    Might there be a way to implement this feature?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • When we finally get around to this, I think it will be all to easy to add, especially considering we already have image replication, it would be just as easy to pass the snapin’s with this process.

    Keep your eye out I hope we can have a prototype for this in the near future.

  • Developer

    the simplest “manual” way to get around this until we are able to implement this feature would be to utilise something like rsync and crontab for the snapin “files” (and possibly samba) and have your snapin be a script that determines your machines location and uses/run the files from the node that is on site but if you have many branches this may be a pain to initially setup but if you set it up right you would only have to update the files on the one server/node and rsync and crontab will take care of the other “branches”.

  • Developer

    this is a feature we have been talking about for future releases, but there is no timetable for if/when it will be implemented.
    right now we’re focusing on fixing issues first
    thank you for the suggestion.